Niagara Runner

Rafael Ortiz is a great story teller. He is an adventurer who “runs” waterfalls, meaning he, essentially, rides his kayak down them. A few days ago he decided not to run Niagara Falls because he did not feel the same energy he normally does. Here is his statement: Not often it hurts so much to […]

Great Comparison

This picture says it all. Traditional publicity is all about interruptions and does not inform and pull in the viewer. Content marketing, much like guerilla marketing, is all about the information using multi-media devices. Although people want to stick to how they’ve always done it, the traditional way is not always the best.

Google Competition

Google just ended a competition, which they describe, with this question, “What happens when you give hundreds of student teams across the world an AdWords online advertising budget of US$250 and three weeks to help a local business improve their marketing campaign?”  The campaign can  be for a nonprofit organization. This would have been a really […]

Upworthy: Enticing Website

Upworthy is a really cool website, all about sharing interesting links and videos. UpWorthy defines itself as “social media with a mission: to make important stuff as viral as a video of some idiot surfing off his roof.” People submit interesting links and other people can go and watch them. Simple but addicting. Once you watch one video, it’s […]