Niagara Runner

Rafael Ortiz is a great story teller. He is an adventurer who “runs” waterfalls, meaning he, essentially, rides his kayak down them. A few days ago he decided not to run Niagara Falls because he did not feel the same energy he normally does.


Here is his statement:

Not often it hurts so much to walk away from a dream.

I’ve been dreaming about running Niagara Falls for the past three years of my life. Every single day since I saw that line; I’ve been haunted by it, it’s been both a dream and a nightmare.

Every piece lined up and ready to launch, today [Sunday] I walked to the drop like I’ve done with many waterfalls in the past, looking for that last positive feeling. It was not there. The marginal landing zone that somehow has caught barrels and made survive a few suicide attempts, couldn’t give me confidence to sit in my boat and pull off the line.

Some drops are just meant to haunt you for the rest of your life. I heard once, “sometimes it takes more courage to walk away from a drop than to run it.”

Some dreams are just meant to be dreams.

Even though did not reach his dream, he tells his story with such ease. I was instantly understanding and did not question or challenge his choice. He told a story, and revealed his character, the best advice from “The Story Factor.”



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