Mike May

Mike May is such an inspiration. He has quite an interesting life story; blinded at 3 and regained sight in his 40’s. He is great at telling his story through some of his journal entries posted on the Guardian. His story really reminded me of how much we take for granted, even things that don’t seem positive. Being blind, I’m sure, is not on anyone’s bucket list. But still, blindness just becomes a way of life when you are blind (of course), and being able to see would come as a great shock and a new life.

Life is just so intricate and sacred. He says in his journal that he feels uncomfortable when looking into a persons eyes, as it is so intimate. People are really quiet exposed by small things, such as their eyes.

People who have sight take it for granted; not because it is better than not seeing, because really however you are born is just the way it is, but because there is so much wonder in seeing. I can’t say the same about being blind, as I am not, and I know there are amazing things blind people can do that seeing people cannot, but sight is so amazing. To be able to see emotions on peoples faces, understand pictures, and see the wondrous things around us is just so amazing to me.


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